Our service center is qualified to tune all your cycling equipment for summer and winter. With over 25 years of experience and expert knowledge we can get your gear in top shape!!

Performance Tune Up

  • Adjustments are made to the entire bike.
  • Brakes, gear systems and bearing surfaces are all adjusted.
  • Both wheels are trued and set in proper alignment with the frame.
  • All nuts, bolts, bells and whistles are checked and tightened.

Single Repair Items (Labor Charge Only)

  • Fix Flat
  • Box Bike to ship - box & packaging provided (must take to carrier)
  • Custom Bike Builds Available

Before every ride:

  • Check tire air pressure.
  • Check brakes and cables.
  • Be sure your crank set / pedals are tight.
  • Be sure quick releases are tight.

After every ride:

  • Inspect tires for glass, gravel shards, and cuts on tread and sidewall.
  • Check wheels for true.
  • Clean the bike’s mechanical parts as necessary.



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